Every life is precious and worth saving. No other International rescue organization understands that more than Animal Aid, writes ilovemydogsomuch


Even with their limited resources, they make it their mission to help every animal in need. Especially the animals that live on the streets that are considered by many to be pests.

On this particular evening, Animal Aid received a call about a dog that had collapsed in the middle of the road. The wound to his neck was expanding quickly. The flesh was badly infected and being devoured by maggots. His condition got this bad because no one helped him in the first place. And that is just unacceptable.

His wound housed so many maggots but luckily the medical staff at the Animal Aid sanctuary has seen this countless times. They knew just how to treat the poor pup. The volunteer gently covered the dog with a blanket and carried him to his vehicle.

Back at the sanctuary, in the darkness of night, the dog lay there unresponsive. He had grown so weak. But he was now surrounded by kind people with an astute knowledge of veterinary medicine. They applied the powder into the wound that would painlessly kill the maggots overnight. They also administered an IV for pain, fluids, and antibiotics. Now it was time for the dog to rest while the medications did their job.

In the morning, the dog seemed so much better. He was able to sit up! His gaping wound was ready to be treated. They sedated him then went to work. After cleaning the wound thoroughly, it was wrapped in a bandage.

The sweet dog already felt much better and had a voracious appetite. He ate out of the large bowl happily. Who knows when he had his last full meal. Or if he ever did at all! He was so gentle and grateful.

It’s now ten days later, and this pup has come a LONG way! The wound is still large, yes, but it is clean and infection-free! The dog now has the energy to move about. The medical staff continues to care for his wound with frequent bandage changes. Keeping it clean is the key to healing! The staff says that he is the “perfect patient.”

The sweet boy loves to go on daily walks. He shows his rescuers his appreciation by gently walking beside them. The daily walks aren’t just good for his body. They help him get exercise and bond with humans.

By Day 20, his wound had shrunk to half its size. Maybe even more! It’s amazing what good medical treatment and love can do!

For a dog that was so close to death, many would have just put him down. But not Animal Aid! Let’s take a look at the dog now, who they’ve named Marshall. Look at that gorgeous smile!

The happy pup loves to run and play. He makes his way over to his favorite humans as much as possible, to say hello and get his pets. He smiles like crazy because he’s happy and healthy now. He really is a wonderful boy.

Can you believe that this transformation took place with faith, love and routine medicine? YES! YES, it did! That is why Animal Aid is so incredible. Please take the time to watch Marshall’s rescue and recovery, and share his story so others can experience the miracle too. Animal Aid operates 100% on donations and volunteers who are only compensated by hugs and kisses.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv

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