Two undeniable traits of dogs are loyalty and perseverance. This is one of the reasons why we love them so much. That’s why we consider them good friends. Dogs are loyal not only to individuals, but also to their packs. They are loyal to other dogs, especially when they are in trouble. This story is about a loyal dog who won’t turn his back on his sibling, even when he puts him in danger.

Lucy’s stuck on a train track. There are worse places to get stuck than on a train track. But that’s what happened to Lucy. The naughty little animal was trapped on a pile of rails for two days. Lucy’s little brother is a dog called Panda, who has been by Lucy’s side throughout her ordeal. Panda is a wonderful boy.

Panda and Lucy have now been reunited with their owner.

Both Panda and Lucy’s owner saw the video Denis posted on Facebook. He realized he had two dogs.

He called the rescue teams and was shown documents proving that Panda and Lucy belonged to him. After a terrifying few days, the whole pack was happy to finally be reunited.

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